Let’s connect Ann Arbor.

The Treeline will be uniquely Ann Arbor. The proposed route of the urban trail runs along the alignment of historic Allen Creek—from Argo Dam through the heart of downtown to 1st and Liberty and beyond—linking to the Border-to-Border Trail, Argo Pond, and the Cascades. A trail on which to walk, run, bike, and unwind that exemplifies our way of life.

In addition to public use, the Treeline will be designed to integrate stormwater management features. The trail will work into the overall urban design of the city, improving the quality of life and providing a downtown escape for all. The project advancement is being supported by the Treeline Conservancy, which is dedicated to the planning, construction, fundraising, and sustainable maintenance of the Treeline. A master plan, documenting the preferred route, design elements, estimated costs, and implications, has been approved by City Council. The City, along with the Treeline Conservancy, a team of urban designers, community members, and stakeholders, are promoting public input and discussion. After all, the Treeline will belong to all of us.

Our Mission.

The Treeline Conservancy exists to foster the creation of an urban trail that becomes an integral connector of people and places in Ann Arbor. The trail will:

The Treeline Map


The Treeline
Border-to-Border Trail
Gateway Access
Green Spaces
Public Parcels


Explore, Bike, Canoe, Unwind, Run, Fish

Let’s connect Ann Arbor.

Spring 2017

Prioritize Conceptual Level Planning Options

Develop Draft Recommendations & Strategies

Summer 2017

Develop Draft Plan Documents

Develop Draft Implementation & Management Plan

January 2018

Prepare Final Draft Documentation

Master Plan Review & Adoption

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